Complete Solutions

Continuous Improvement

Satellite 90%
Terrestrial 80%
EDC 70%
People 90%
The core benefits from beps’s financial service solution to consumer banking industry is simplifying the complexity of the data process into a handful and workable information.

To support this service, beps has developed its own infrastructure to an integrated network of electronic payment including Point of Sales Terminal, usually called EDC (Electronic Data Capture) terminal & non cash ATM.

beps also provide additional services such as EDC Management, Service Excellent Training professional consulting, Marketing program, Cross selling, project management, Satellite offices, Service center, Special Event, Merchandising
As we look forward, beps service will always be in the advance stage once consumer banking industry throughout the nation is ready  to move toward global challenge in creating satisfaction. The after math, simply said that beps serves only one purpose, and this is as reliable solution to all consumer banking industry