About Rev 1


Banking is now as easy as moving your finger tips. Thanks to advance technology, customers are not only provided with confidence on banking security, but also the comfort & convenience of user-friendly computer or even mobile phone to access their banking information at any time. Speed, accuracy, persist ency  & consistency are the keywords & just enter beps at the forefront for your integrated retail consumer network solution. The rest will be just a great deal of satisfaction.

On May 2003, PT. Bahana Sysfo Utama was established, a company that specializes in Retails Consumers Network Solution. The company preferred to be called beps (Banking Electronic Payment Systems), for the sake of simplicity & marketing purposes.

On Aug 27, 2009, beps has compiled to payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) version 1.2. beps is the first Indonesian service provider complied to this standard.

The primary reason of beps existence is to comply with the emerging needs in banking sector which initially expressed by HIMBARA (association of state owned banks), not to only provide advanced technology for easier & faster banking but also to equip banking management & staff in the know how so it becomes a second nature to their daily operation.



Providing Consumer banking Sector with the most reliable and integrated retail consumer network solution.


To synergy the combination of information & technology with human compassion to achieve the highest quality result to support consumer banking sector

Our Philosophy

People First, Technology Second

Technology should only work & provide a purpose for the benefit of people. beps fundamental philosophy is creating a certain balance & equilibrium between IT & Service to human operators.