Today, the majority of new clinical trials use electronic data capture software. Some of the common motivations for using EDC include:

  • Cleaner Data – EDC software is particularly good at enforcing certain aspects of data quality. Edit checks programmed into the software can make sure data meets certain required formats, ranges, etc. before the data is accepted into the trial database.
  • More Efficient Processes – EDC software can help guide the site through the series of study events, requesting only the data needed for the particular patient’s circumstance at a particular time. It faculties the process of clarifying data discrepancies with tools for identifying and resolving data issues with sites, and can help reduce the number of in-person site visits required during a trial.
  • Faster Access to Data – Web-based EDC systems can provide near real-time access to data in a clinical trial. This insight enables faster decision making, and can support adaptive trial designs.

Each of the above reasons for using EDC addresses issues of efficiency and productivity, and can therefore also reduce the cost of clinical trials.